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Your Leadership Strategist

Tessie Watts, M.S., CEO/Founder

I am the Founder and Principal Leadership Strategist of The Leadership Haven Resource Center, LLC; an innovative training and development organization that is committed to turning leaders into the Positive “Change Agents” they are called to be. 

Some may say that I am relentless in my efforts to reach and empower as many Leaders as possible; believing there is no Leader alive that can’t benefit from my “No-Holds” Barred training style that promotes Transparency, Truth and Self-Awareness. 


I provide strategic coaching and training services to leaders and businesses across multiple sectors. My expertise lies in strategic leadership; which I define as "leadership that is deeply rooted in restraint-removing strategies that promote a new level of Leadership Excellence". 

Why Us?

Leadership Development is key—that’s why when it comes to our services, our push is always to get Leaders to a place where they are comfortable with expressing their strategic vision for themselves, their organizations, and their communities.

5 Characteristics of a Strategic Leader

The Leadership Haven's Strategy & Mission

5 Characteristics of a Strategic Leader

Leadership Development is built on: Vision, Skill, Authenticity, and Influence.

 The Leadership Haven's Mission is to reignite a passion in leaders that will lead to a rebirth of actions, behaviorism, convictions, and commitments; resulting in spiritual freedom, welcomed accountability, and personal growth. 

Innovation & Change


In the world of Leadership Development, Leaders should always "encourage small wins, because it's practice for the big wins that are sure to come.” 

 The Leadership Haven Resource Center, LLC is an innovative training and development organization that is committed to turning leaders into the Strategic “Change Agents” they are called to be. 

Leadership Development


Leadership Development is "RELATIONAL". 

 The Leadership Haven develops and facilitates transformational "No-Holds Barred" trainings for industry professionals at all leadership levels. The focus of all trainings is to Release the Restraints on a Leaders Business and Leadership Potential, and project them in the direction of renewed thinking and a new level of leadership excellence. Specialized trainings are offered in the areas of: Strategic Leadership, Team Building, Implicit Bias, Public Speaking, Change Management, and other customized trainings. Our clients include C-Suite Executives, Mid-level Management, Ministry Leaders, Small Business Leaders, Intrapreneurs, and Aspiring Leaders.